“Heading Down South” Pandemic Prowling #9

About Pandemic Prowling: In this series, Pandemic Prowling, I share stories about my travels across 4 continents (Asia, N. America, S. America, Africa) amidst the outbreak of Covid19. Who The Hell is He? (late April 2020) It was dark and gloomy on that red eye flight from Oakland, California to Guadalajara, Mexico. Family back home …

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“On Marketing” Wiser Next Week for Business #7

When promoting a product or service, common objections include the cost and need of the product. Your job then is to convince the prospect that they are receiving more necessary value through the purchase than they would if they did not. Once you overcome these initial objections, provide more value than you take in monetary rewards. The initial sale is just to get people through the door, the long-term objective is to create a loyal fan base that will keep coming back.

Announcement: Free Mini Course on How to Live Abroad

Happy Holidays! This is just a quick mini post on some video content I built. Basically these past few years I've been moving from country to country, continent to continent after getting tired of the life of an office worker. During pre Pandemic times and during its occurrence I've still been doing this. It's been …

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