‘Why Cash Is King’ Kingston’s Journey Episode #160

Cash Is Decisions

One is oft to hear the saying, cash is King because what is cash really? It’s fungible and divisible, that is you can hold it in equal units and break it evenly into even smaller units. But it is also a means of storing economic energy. Most people work for money. That is they trade their labor which other people find of value for cash. Now where am I going with this? What I am saying is ultimately those who hold onto the most cash are the ones that make the decisions.

Allow me to illustrate, recently I took a trip to the Gambia, a little known country in west Africa most folks wouldn’t be able to find on a map if their life depended on it. Someone offered to take me along for the trip and pay for the expenses which I am grateful for. But it wasn’t my style of traveling. It was not for me to say anything as it was not me paying for it, so I kept my mouth shut from voicing criticism.

Cash Is Power

And that’s just it, cash means buying plane tickets, building the things you want to build, hiring those you need, it’s all in your hands. If you are not with the cash, why would anyone listen to you? Nobody works for free.

Money talks, those who hold money hold power over people because the vast majority of people sell their time for money. The street cleaner, the doctor the soldier, they all have this in common. Therefore the one that holds the cash has cash working for them, and hold the power.

Kingston S. Lim

30th October 2022

Lagos, Nigeria

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