‘The Wolf & the Merchant’ Kingston’s Journey #154

‘Do Unto Others’ But They May Do You In

The good book says to do unto others as you would unto yourself. I’m not debating that, at least not this time. What I am saying is that though you may be free to treat others as you would want to be treated, don’t expect others to treat you kindly for it.

As you already know, not everyone is the same, and for the sake of this point I’m trying to make, we will categorize people into wolves or merchants. Now a wolf is an apex predator that hunts down his prey while a merchant engages with many vendors and seeks to get what he wants by cooperation with the different parties. The wolf and the merchant are successful in their won ways , but the methodology in which they obtain that success is completely different. And it’s important for you to distinguish between the two.

The Wolf Does Not Bargain With The Deer

Let me put it this way, does a deer try and negotiate with the wolf that is hunting? In that same respect, some people just cannot be reasoned with. No matter how accommodating or understanding you are. The wolves are only in it for themselves and screw everyone else. There is no need to be angry with them about this, it’s just their nature. Like how a scorpion always stings. Think of Adolf Hitler’s rise to power in Europe. The Brits kept trying to appease him to secure ‘peace in our lifetimes’ but Hitler kept grabbing more land. There is no reasoning with such an individual, they can only be met with strength. And look at the Brits, they were beaten and bullied during the early parts of the war. They were put on the backfoot because they allowed poor initial conditions to extrapolate.

Therefore, identify a wolf early on, and no quarters should be given.

Kingston S. Lim

3rd September 2022

Lagos, Nigeria

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