‘Coming to Terms With Hatred’ Kingston’s Journey (Sesquicentennial) #150

Where Destiny Has Brought Me

At 150 entries in and close to 30 countries in the world, I wonder how I ended up in one of the most destitute part of the world. Nigeria, where people are quite often hateful, in such an impoverished part of the world that is West Africa.

I have few words of praise for such a forsaken part of the world. And more questions then answers. it has made me an increasingly hateful person. Which I think happens to a lot of people to some degree sooner or later, it just happens at an accelerated pace when you are out on your own in a foreign land. And the reality of my situation doesn’t help either.

As Time Goes, Bridges Close

I am no longer in a situation where I can say that I was on a year long sabical backpacking another part of the world. I am too far departed from the old accounting career. No longer employable. That ship has sailed, my choices have narrowed. And this is completely normal. The choices in front of me are becoming increasingly defined. I can no longer become anything I want anymore. Peers and colleagues have all but peeled off and things become increasingly isolating. But I’ve made friends with loneliness.

All I’ve kept for company is the goal I’m aiming at. And it so happened that this goal has brought me to a part of the world that few want to enter and most want to leave. Perhaps I was meant to go there for a reason.

Time will tell.

Kingston S. Lim

20th July 2022

Warsaw, Poland

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