When the Road Narrows (Choose Wisely) Kingston’s Journey #149

Those That Turn Sour

Some men turn old and bitter. The term ‘grumpy old man’ has been used frequently. Now as I have some time before reaching that stage. I won’t comment on those individuals. What I will say rather is that everyone makes choices with the information best available to us. Therefore, sometimes we operate on bad information leading to choices we wouldn’t have made otherwise. Some of us make more bad decisions then one would hope for, which leads to some being crippled by regret.

The older we are, the more mistakes we make, that’s the way it is. And the oldest among us lie at the outermost extremes. Hence the grumpiness. Some wanted to be at point A, but landed on C and it’s too late to reverse courses. And that is absolutely soul crushing.

Choices Are Limited

Because as has previously been mentioned, life is a series of choices, so it would be helpful to make the best decision possible. Every choice we make narrows the window of opportunities. This is a natural occurrence. Once cannot be a lawyer, astronaut, soldier and welder. We need to choose and choose wisely. The alternative? Does anyone really want to be the one working until he dies. If you see a decrepit old man still toiling away in some menial job just so that he has enough to eat for the day, think back to decades ago. If you saw that old guy as a young boy, would he really have dreamt to be in the position he is in currently?

Of course not.

Youth is finite. So choose wisely.

Kingston S. Lim

15th July 2022

Berlin, Germany

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