‘People Live, Thoughts Die’ (Problem Solving) Kingston’s Journey #147

I Think Therefore I Am

Cogito ergo sum, coined by an old philosopher long dead. I think, therefore I am. It can be argued that it is this cognitive ability of being able to work towards an abstract goal that has led us to become far more advanced then any other known creature.

In other words: problem solving.

Which can be argued as a bastion of human economic development. We see a problem, we think of a possible solution, ie implement , then we scale. And along that way, thoughts have to die. Here is why:

These thoughts, that is, when we are thinking about a problem, it turns into ideas. But ideas are a dime a dozen. A really good idea can essentially pop out of nowhere. But so what? The ultimate end is to fix the problem and that can’t be done unless said ideas are implemented.

Unspoken Ideas Are Lost, Not Dead

Just look to the graves, the individuals that are filled with countless good ideas are found there. And we don’t know anything about them. These thoughts could have changed the world, but now they are lost in the abyss. Now that is not death mind you. How could something die if it never existed? And this brings us to the point of why thoughts have to die. Thoughts have to die because that is the only way inventions, and by that metric people, live. Who knows what type of primitive life we would be living if thoughts haven’t died and given way to inventions. It would be a time before sticks and stones.

To merely hold on to cogito ergo sum is foolish. One has to go beyond that by recognizing that all human advancement requires these branches of ideas to bear fruit and ultimately die to give way for new branches.

In other words, bring those thoughts that are ideas forward, don’t let them become lost in the vortex of non existence, rather, bring them forward so that they are implemented and become life.

Kingston S. Lim

22nd June 2022

Lagos, Nigeria

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