‘When We Evade Personal Questions’ Kingston’s Journey #144

‘How Was Your Weekend?’

I wanted to start this one off with a personal recount. I used to be asked how my weekend was, which I would mumble a few words before diverting the conversation to a different topic. I felt incredibly uncomfortable from such a seemingly innocent question. Which is something I’d like to explore briefly.

Sure, there are certain people that are naturally inclined to keep to themselves, but to rebuke this friendly gesture can be seen as an issue. Someone asking about time off is merely inquiring on your well being as well as gaining some personal insight on someone’s life beyond the surface. For further context, I was a recent college graduate at the time working at my first (& only) corporate job. I was being asked about my weekend by colleagues in the office. It’s not necessary for me to get deep into it for the sake of this conversations, but let’s just say that I was unhappy with where my life was at that point in time.

For When We Evade Friendly Questions

Which this is the point I would like to bring. When we are unhappy with our personal lives, there is a tendency to evade individuals that ask us personal questions about our lives, o matter how well intentioned. We may not be able to explain it, but such questions put us in discomfort because it is an uncomfortable part of our lives where we would prefer not to think about. And this is especially true when people are trying to deny that whatever was asked about is an issue (ie. there is no problems with my weekend.)

And this also goes for any emotional reactions we may feel. Whenever strong feelings are evoked by either an innocent or miniscule action by another party, one must ask themselves,

Is there something wrong with me?

Kingston S. Lim

3rd June 2022

Lagos, Nigeria

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