‘Seeds of Success’ Kingston’s Journey #143

The Fickleness of Success

Success is a rather unpredictable outcome in many ways. I won’t go into specific examples, but there are so many instances where someone who was by all metrics not meant to succeed against all odds, does. Sure there may be some indicators, but for the most part, it was not anticipated.

Now to clarify, success can be argued as the progressive realization of a worthy ideal where such an individual continually progresses so high where everyone else is left scratching their heads wondering how they were able to get to the lofty heights they were able to achieve.

Traits of Success

But back to the point, can we predict it? Are there indicators we can look for? Well amongst many that would entail a very long conversation, here is a few:

Unafraid of failure. Those that reach these great heights are pioneers in there own rights. And part of being a pioneer is trekking into the unknown, often times taking on more then what they bargained for at a stage where it seems they are not yet ready, but they pull it off in the end. But before that, you need to see that individual jump into the deep end first and are exceptional in picking themselves back up on every road block to regroup and retry.

Reinvention. After our formative education, it becomes very easy to just stop progressing and just keep on doing what you are doing. Steady income and predictable outcome. However there are always some folks that are a bit (or a lot) more adventurous by constantly tackling new challenges. The reason this is vital to success is because just as a child rapidly develops mentally and physically as they progress through primary and secondary school, those that are willing to challenge themselves to constantly reinvent and learn new things take that childhood education to the next level which only a minute number of people are able (or willing) to do.

With that said, the commonality between these 2 traits is that they challenge convention, which one must do to tackle anything worth achieving.

Kingston S. Lim

27th May 2022

Lagos, Nigeria

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