‘Words Are Diplomacy, Action is Certainty’ Kingston’s Journey #140

The Most Complex Machinery In The World

The human brain is a very intricate piece of machinery, and it created still intricate but less so beings, say cars for example. Still complex, but cannot take on a life of it’s own. And it goes beyond just the complexity of one human brain. The addition of each additional brain in a given environment has been a compounding effect. Out of these factors there are certain patterns that can be detected, which is the subject of this conversation.

Now, two common human activities when individuals are interacting are talking and acting. And what needs to be pointed out is that each represents a very different motive. To elaborate, so many individuals meshing together is bound to mean that there are conflicting interests, and because there are conflicting interests, it is only natural that all parties will want to use the tools they have at their disposal to meet their objective. One of those tools being the words that we use.

Shows Itself In 2 Ways

You see, it only makes sense to use the words at our disposal to get what we want. In other, more simpler terms, it’s called a lie. But it goes far beyond that. Dialogue becomes a means of maneuvering yourself into the right position to get what you want. Actions on the other hand, speak another language. While words may be more diplomatic, only a minority of people have the discipline and presence of mind to mask their actions to be undetectable to the outside world. Therefore through recognizable patterns and direct actions, we can see beyond the words.

And why is this important? Why bother disciplining the aims and motivations of others? Because that is how we determine our friends and enemies. Those whom we interact with on a casual basis (a teller for instance that wants a salary and you wanting banking services) and those to avoid (a murderer, whilst you want to live.) It is part of the very fabric of human civilization. Understanding the diplomacy of words and the intent of actions gives you the advantage.

Kingston S. Lim

April 29, 2022

Lagos, Nigeria

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