‘Those That Do Not Risk, Will Not Win’ Kingston’s Journey #138

Looping animation of ocean waves from under water.

Heading Into the Abyss

It’s been more then 3 years now since I left corporate America. it was a very predictable life that most people are naturally drawn to with obvious reason which I’ll get to in a moment. But basically what would likely happen is I would have had a linear increase of income to the point where it is approaching six figures at the same time my youth would have evaporated in front of me in the midst of 2 weeks PTO a year. I likely would have upgraded companies as my starter job gave me relatively little reason to be loyal. I would have eventually saved enough to buy a house, a few rentals and gotten married to an average but not spectacular woman.

There are varying opinions, but for me, that’s a waste of life. And yes, this opinion of mine has led to taking huge risks. For instance, my career as an accountant has been dealt a critical blow being out of the traditional workforce for so long. It’s a huge risk of giving up years of work, from college to young professional to smashing it all to chaos.

Playing To Win

But the reality is that most people don’t play to win, they play to not lose. Safe and predictable, cradle to grave, they have someone looking after them, from parent to teacher, to company, there is always someone there backing them. It’s a logical choice for most people because this path leads you down a road that provides most people with most everything that they would want, materially at least. However, they will never truly succeed in the sense of being a difference maker because they never really stuck their neck out, and only those that risk, can win.

Kingston S. Lim

April 15, 2022

Lagos, Nigeria

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