‘Two Roads Diverge’ Kingston’s Journey #135

Choosing One or The Other

I believe it was Robert Frost who wrote the poem about two roads diverging down a yellow road, and choosing to be the later and taking the road less traveled. Now there can be many different types of interpretations on what this means, but here’s one.

There are two types of people in the world, those that build the systems that we know today, and everyone else that works to keep things up and running. Now all of us have a choice on which ones to be in order to become productive members of society. Most choose to remain in a system, as it is the safer route and with a more predictable outcome. Because building your own system leads to a higher probability for failure. Which is why it is less travelled.

There are of course give or takes from either path you may chose, the safer route has a more condensed standard deviation, which leads to the predictability while the less travelled route is more spread out on the bell curve, or in other words, higher reward and higher risk. Which one to take is a personal decision.

Considering The Path Less Travelled

A question that you could then ask yourself could go in the realm of what could I do that can increase my odds of success?

One possible response to that could be, how could I possibly reduce the amount of competition that I have? Which one could respond by saying, go to somewhere where there is less competition.

In other words, if part of the issue is being boxed out of your game is because there are too many people, go somewhere else. Call it the wild west, a blue ocean, pioneer, the point is, it’s not always about doing things first, but about doing it where it has not yet been done.

They call it R&D for a reason.

Rip off & Duplicate

So R&D it all the way.

Kingston S. Lim

March 14, 2022

Munich, Germany

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