‘The Need For Urgency’ Kingston’s Journey #129

Shove At Your Limits… With Both Hands

We all have limits, one way or another. There are only so many miles you can run, people you can call and problems you can solve. But the thing is, there have been limits, restrictions and rules placed upon us since birth. We were born not knowing how to speak or how to walk. But also those restrictions include asking for permission to speak or going to the bathroom and when you are allowed to play.

Now all of these are limits, both the former and the later. And the key is distinguising that the limits placed in the form of the former can be pushed while those of the later can be discarded altogether. No more need to ask for permission to go to the bathroom. But the other limits they can be beaten back, shoved back with both hands, stretched to the brink of human possibility.

And this is the only way in which anything truly remarkable can be accomplished. Think of an athlete, pushing themselves, day in day out before getting to the big stage. Ignoring the doubters along the way and being the man in the arena. And just as an athlete pushes his or her own physical limitations, so can we. But what is required for us to accomplish what we set out to accomplish. And achieve what these athletes achieved in our own field?


Because if you are not prioritizing what you want to accomplish, who will? Without a sense of urgency, the wheels turn slower, will take longer to move and you will get outcompeted. Someone else will do what you are trying to do ahead of you. And not only that other thing’s will come up, meaning that slowly but surely, the limits that you intended to shove back at the onset will get lost in the slush pile. And from that slush pile, it will fall into a black hole. All from a lack of urgency.

One might then ask what lies within that blackhole? Countless hopes, dreams and aspirations. Leaving behind bitter old people crippled by what if’s whom will soon turn to dust. And everything they hoped, dreamed and aspired for?

Lost. Forever

Kingston S. Lim

December 21, 2021

Lagos, Nigeria

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