‘Why You Must Leave Your Home’ Kingston’s Journey #127

Luke 4:24

Jesus Preaches to His Hommies

Now I rarely get into any Biblical discussion. The realm of the secular has always been far more interesting to me. But bear with me, many would say that the good news of Jesus Christ accounted in the books of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John (collectively known as the Gospel) is a real life account of a historical figure. Going off of that, let’s look at one piece of scripture:

And he said to, ‘Truly, I say to you, no prophet is acceptable in his hometown.’ Luke 4:24

Context: In this section, JC had just returned to his hometown of Nazareth. The folks back home heard of the miracles he ha worked in another place called Capernaum and asked him to do the same here. The above was his response and he was promptly run out of town.

Safe to say JC got a less then warm reception in his hometown. Let’s start by dissecting what he means. As for folks in his hometown, people already expected something from him, he is the son of a carpenter (Joseph and Mary), no way can he be the son of God. They saw him in his boyhood and already have a preconceived notion on him.

A Prophet Travels Far

But when he traveled far, where no one knew him, he was different. And people tended to be more receptive of what he claimed to be. He started with a blank slate and painted upon that canvas what he willed it to be, which was then documented by his disciples in the Gospel.

So how does this apply to our own lives? Well if you were to stay in one place, just like JC, people will already perceive you in a certain way (‘you are a carpenter’s son, no son of God) and it will be exceedingly difficult to break from it. The child you were growing up is what is expected of you. But a prophet does something extraordinary, and incredibly profound. And you can’t do that in the same hole you were brought up in with people already planting a self fulfilling prophecy on you.

No, one must be a fool in a land of strangers where people are drawn to your exotic features. Where you can get a fresh start.

Kingston S. Lim

December 8, 2021

Lagos, Nigeria

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