On Different Types of Capital: Kingston’s Journey #122

More Then Just Money

When people think of capital, the first image that is conjured in the mind is the content of their wallets. But capital has so much more to do then that. It is in fact some of our major assets that we can deploy so that we can get what we want and meet our objectives. Think of it as the cards that we have in a hand during a poker game. Each card has a defined value during different periods of time in the game. Timing of when we will use each card is key. This will perhaps be discussed in more detail at a later period. But for now, some of the different types of capital.

The Different Types of Capital

Personal: Our personal capital can be defined as the stuff we know. Skills, capabilities (physical or otherwise) and knowledge. Think of it as all the stuff that remains within you, even if you are stripped naked and thrown into the dark heart of Africa.

Emotional: Think of this type of capital as the inner strength that we have. Many of the things we need to do in life, from waking up, working out, going into a job interview or walking up to that pretty girl . We need to dig into our inner reserves to do something that may be uncomfortable at the time, especially if we are in a state of stagnation. But beyond that, emotional capital also includes the people around us that encourages us during times of difficulty. It involves other people too, which bleeds into the next type of capital which is:

Social: Now social capital is all about the people you know and the circles of people you are involved with. This goes hand in hand with the adage, it’s not what you know, it’s who (which we have previously expanded to, it’s not who you know, it’s how well you know them.) The point is, the right referral or association could lead you to a big opportunity no matter which area in life it may end up happening to be.

Financial: No need to get too deep on this one. Financial capital is the one we all know.

In later posts, we can go into different aspects of these 4 kinds of capital, how they mesh, exchanging one for the other and how to get more of it.

Kingston S. Lim

October 29, 2021

Lagos, Nigeria

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