You Need To Know How To Trade Kingston’s Journey #120

There Are Many Different Currencies

Civilization is built off of reciprocation. You take something, it’s expected that you put something back. That’s how trade was born. And just like trade, you need to pay people back in the currency in which they desire. So what types of currencies are there?

Well to start with, there is the financial. Especially in developing parts of the world, people with position and/or authority expect to be bribed. That’s the way the world works, no point fighting it. So if that is what someone values, give them that.

To others, titles are very important. Boss, big man, ambassador, whatever. There is a heavy degree of self importance. Indulge them and you’ll win them to your side.

Others still enjoy the recognition of their work. They want the appreciation and limelight that comes with doing what they did. And it is the same for all the rest, give them what they want. It’s all a matter of trade, someone helped you so you pay them in the currency that they desire.

Pay People In The Currency They Desire

And a thing to note is that you don’t pay them in the wrong currency. Just as if you are in a market, and the other person is expecting a cow, but you give them barrels of wheat, they will not value it the way you intend them to value it. If you try to bribe a self important person, you may end up insulting them. So it is of importance to learn the language of the people you encounter. That is how you win allies.

Kingston S. Lim

October 17, 2021

Lagos, Nigeria

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