“Is There A Future Between Us?” Kingston’s Journey #102

Reminiscing About the Past?

Right now I’m in Reno, Nevada. The place where it all started, my plans, the long and hard decision to leave corporate America was drawn up here, along with all the time I spent in college as well. Everything I had (seemingly) worked up for from finishing high school, to the 3-4 years I spent getting an accounting degree, the over a year working a steady accounting job…


I threw it all away…

To pick up a bag and go to Thailand.

It sounds like a real waste if you really think about it. But this backdrop of an example is perfect for setting up a response to a very important question…

‘Is there a future between us?

Is It Worth Continuing?

Well I’ll start off by saying its important to answer this starting off with a Cantonese phrase that goes:

Basically what this means is we need to face forward to take on the challenges that face us when we endure life’s trials. We need to find a way forward.

Question then becomes, is there a way forward? That is, is there something worth attaining between the 2 parties that justifies a continued relationship. Now this could be between 2 people in terms of in the romantic, fraternal or business sense, but also in the manner of a individuals relationship with some business, organizations, geographic locations, career, etc. Because that is ultimately what brings 2 entities together.

There is a commonality of outcome that both parties are trying to attain, one. Or two each party has something to gain which can only be had if there is a continuity in that relationship.

Notice it’s something to gain or something to attain in the future sense, not the past. If one or both parties has already received what they were aiming to get at, why continue chugging along? There is no future.

If all this sounds cold blooded, it can be at times. Breaking it off with a uni? Probably not a big deal. With a person? Now that can get messy real quick.

Life isn’t all sunshine and rainbows now isn’t it? Things change, circumstances change, so why would you continue walking down a dead end road?

Of course there are a few exceptions to be made to accommodate for cultural obligations which is a different topic, but besides that, why continue down a dead end path?

Uni Days Are Long Gone

Now personally here in Reno, I thought I’d be filled with nostalgia about the ‘good old days’, but I left here for a reason. And instead of nostalgic memories, I’m filled more with questions of, ‘why am I back here again?’

The why is important. If the reason why you entered a commitment no longer holds true, then you are faced with a harsh reality (as I’m certain there are many) of needing to ask yourself, why are you still there?

And only you can answer that.

Kingston S. Lim

June 2, 2021

Reno, NV

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