“From Boundless Opportunities to Defined Actuality” Kingston’s Journey #88

A Key Difference Between Childhood and Adulthood

Sacrifice. Wait, better to start off by saying that life is a series of decisions. We have choices we need to make, some of these choices are hard, and those decisions define us. Whether we choose to make our own matters our own or have others decide for us (which likely will lead to disappointment), options will be taken away from us.

Based on that reality, the fact of the matter is that as youths, we are privledged with boundless possibilities, but no substance. That is, we are able to do many things, but nothing has been done yet, all options still open. But as time passes, we need to decide on which options to take . Which takes us from unlimited possibilities to defined actuality. And this transformation can also be said, leads to more substance. All of those what ifs have been brought into reality through the pain of picking sacrifices.

To be utterly simplistic about this concept of abstract possibilities/non-substantial to defined actuality/reality, it can be best illustrated by the fact that no one can be an engineer, welder, doctor, lawyer and accountant all at the same time.

Our actions (or inactions) expresses our priorities in the things that we want. Words are just words, where we decide to dedicate our blood, sweat and tears reveals the reality of what we value.

What Makes a Good Person?

What we become ultimately is therefore a product of our own decisions. The good and the bad. But of course the end result of becoming a good man or good woman is not a matter of making more good choices then bad, but a matter of having a capacity for violence, but choosing not to use it.

“Speak softly and carry a big stick.”

True goodness is only developed (and it is developed, not given) in those that make the just decisions when they are not only hard but when it is in your own interest to make the unjust choice. In other words, you have the power to hurt others (as an unjust decision will inevitably lead to injured parties but choose not to. Those that didn’t have a choice in the first place are not good. It is weakness. It is a lacking of choices/power that compel them to do the right thing.

Only when times are hard do decisions matter. When everything is on the line, that is when you see who people truly are.

4 thoughts on ““From Boundless Opportunities to Defined Actuality” Kingston’s Journey #88

  1. Kingston, This is a well-written post on a topic I have often thought about. Just as parents look at young children and marvel at all the possibilities that are open to them, old age has its satisfactions.

    You do not have to worry and make decisions about where you will go to school, what you will study, where you will work, who you will marry, how many children you will have. If you are lucky, you will have accomplishments to be proud of and memories to enjoy,

    There are physical downsides to age and there are often a few decisions you would rather not make, but there is a certain peace of mind too.

    How are you doing, Kingston? I hope you are doing well. ❤

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    1. Glad you found this post useful Cheryl, there are certain freedoms kids enjoy that adults don’t isn’t there? But if one plays there cards right, old age has the satisfactions of what was achieved.

      All is well with me, I hope the same for you Cheryl


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