Announcement: Free Mini Course on How to Live Abroad

Happy Holidays!

This is just a quick mini post on some video content I built. Basically these past few years I’ve been moving from country to country, continent to continent after getting tired of the life of an office worker.

During pre Pandemic times and during its occurrence I’ve still been doing this. It’s been a wild ride & a real learning experience of what & what not to do.

With all these experiences, I compiled it into a course, here’s a quick overview:

Module 1: Preplanning: Steps to take before your departure

Module 2: Picking Your Destination: COL (Cost of Living) Arbitrage

Module 3: West Meets the World: Adjusting to Living Overseas

Module 4: Covid Travels (Movement in the Age of Travel Restrictions)

Now these are all just words. To give you a better understanding on what there is to learn, there is a free introductory course which I encourage you to check out.

Enroll in the Free Introductory Course on How to Live Abroad During a Global Lockdown

There’s absolutely no obligation to buy anything. The free minicourse is yours to keep. It will give you not only a broad overview of what will be covered but also pertinent information that may be useful. From how much capital you need (not much) to where to find the most accurate information on which countries you are allowed to visit.

That’s all for this one. Link is up above & here as well.

All the best,


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