“Getting What You’re Worth” Kingston’s Journey #68

Does Talent Matter?

It’s been said that half of success is a matter of showing up. This manifests itself in many forms. Former US President George W. Bush has been said to be a man of limited intellect. But due to a combination of factors, with being willing to put in the work being one of them, he became President of the United States, arguably the most powerful person in the world.

On the other side of the spectrum are those individuals whom when you talk to, seem gifted with high intelligence, which makes you wonder why they are working the menial job that they are when there is a vibe that they are too good for it.

The Rabbit and the Tortoise

Well its also been said that “talent is cheaper then table salt.” Its nice to be born with inherent qualities but that means nothing if it is not used as a gift to bestow on other people. Beginning at the starting line, a cut above everyone else means nothing if said person couldn’t be bothered to put in the time and effort to get to the finish line.

High performers in their field such as Bill Gates in the world of computers and Michael Jordan in basketball didn’t get to where they got based on raw talent alone. Both spent countless hours in their childhood learning how to code or practicing basketball on their own time and initiative. Another way it could be said is that all of that talent that they possessed was potential.

That is the possibility of being able to do something noteworthy with it but by no means a guarantee that something special will happen.

What Lies Between the Seed and Plant

With that said, talent therefore is merely a seed. Which harbors the chance of yielding fruit. And the only way that plant can take root and sprout is by the consistent watering of a budding plant with blood, sweat and tears.

Some seeds are stronger then others, as in some are more talented, but the nurturing of a future holds far more weight then the starting point. Getting from point A to point B takes work. Its nice and all to start out a higher step then everyone else. But all of that means nothing if years, decades down the road you end up in the same spot as you started way back when.

There’s a difference therefore, between knowing what your worth and getting what you’re worth. And that difference makes all the difference in the world. From the Michael Jordans to everyone else is akin to comparing the heights of mountains and valleys.

Kingston S. Lim

August 24, 2020

Foz do Iguaca, Brazil

Life Updates: All these ventures in Latin America have either been solo pursuits or ones with fleeting relationships. I’m feeling a bit tired of being all alone. I think I’m ready to return to the States for a little bit before heading off again to pursue bigger and better things that involve more people.

Picture with the Iguazu Falls, arguably the largest waterfall in the world. Split between Brazil (closed) and Argentina (open). This touristy stuff is fun, especially when during times like these when it is more a rarity. But by itself I’ve found it to be an empty experience.

About Kingston’s Journey Series: Kingston’s Journey is a lifelong series. This is the travel journal I take with me. Whether you have questions such as how to change my life or how to travel the world, I think you’ll find value in the life lessons I’ve experienced and documented in this travel notebook. They may serve as travel inspiration for you. In Chinese, there is a saying, “讀萬卷書,不如行千里路.”

This means, instead of reading ten thousand books, why don’t you walk a thousand miles. This is my inspiration to travel every nation (or as many as possible) in my pursuit of my global MBA by learning as much as possible and recording these life lessons learned only by travel. In the end, I think the achievement of dreams, personal growth & aspirations out there through travel and adventure will lead to a more fulfilling life. Living and experiencing the “now” is how I’ll make my life a great memory in the future.

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