How to Live On 24 Hours a Day: (Ultra Condensed Cliffnotes #31)

How to Live on 24 Hours a Day  Arnold Bennett notes by Kingston S. Lim

Below are my personal notes of How to Live On 24 Hours a Day. These highlights were what I used to write my personal development book, Wiser Next Week, a condensation of many different self improvement books.

The Cause of the Troubles

  • If a man makes two-thirds of his existence subservient to one-third, for which he has no feverish zest, in other words living solely for the 9-5, how can he hope to live fully and completely? He cannot
  • If he wishes to live fully and completely, he must arrange a day within a day
    • A day that begins at 5PM and ends at 9AM. A day of 16 hours
    • During those 16 hours, he is free, he is not a wage earner preoccupied with monetary cares. He is just as good as a man with a private income. 
    • Have something definite to look forward to at eventide and you won’t be tired. 
    • Then spend 90 minutes every other evening cultivating the mind. Use your mental energy
  • The man who begins going to bed forty minutes before opening his bedroom door is bored, he is not living


  • A life in which conduct does not fairly well accord with principles is a silly life that conduct can only be made to accord with principles by means of daily examination, reflection and resolution
  • Happiness requires the alignment of conduct with principles
  • Unless you give at least 45 minutes to careful reflection on the expenditure of your mental energy, your 90 minutes a night are chiefly wasted

Dangers to Avoid

  • The earth rolled on comfortably before one began to balance a budget of the hours and it will continue to roll on comfortably whether or not one succeeds in the balancing
  • It will be found that ultimately, taking care of one’s self one has quite all one can do.

If these brief notes peaked your interest in How to Live On 24 Hours a Day, you can check it out on Amazon here.

And be sure to check out my book, Wiser Next Week.

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