Tulum Ruins & Beaches:Pre Spanish History in The Mexican Caribbean (A Travel Video)

Hello people!

I normally don’t post on Sundays but I wanted to share a quick video I recorded in Tulum, Mexico. Tulum is in the Mexican Caribbean and besides its beaches, its known for the old structures here that were built before Spanish colonization (by the Mayans I believe.)

The beaches are mostly closed with only a handful of people I could count with my fingers, while the archeological site is closed closed.

I got in by uhhhhh…. you know what don’t ask. I’ll give you a walk through of this beautiful part of Mexico.

Video is linked below:

4 thoughts on “Tulum Ruins & Beaches:Pre Spanish History in The Mexican Caribbean (A Travel Video)

  1. Tulum is awesome. I like that each building served a purpose, particularly the one with the slanted roof which let them know about tides. I love visiting those places. Your video takes me back. There were so many iguanas when we went. They called them Mexican chickens.

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    1. You know what I noticed the iguanas too and took pictures of them. They were so many hanging out in the middle of the road because streets are still closed to cars right now.

      I hear Tulum gets quite crowded during normal times, was that true in your experience?

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