“Show Them Your Claws”(Kingston’s Short Story #6 [Age 14])

"Show Them Your Claws"(Kingston's Short Story #6 [Age 14])

About Kingston’s Short Stories: In this series, I’ll be sharing one story from every year of my life. The stories may at times seem mundane, but its these day to day occurrences that define us. A lesson is then pulled from each story.

New Kid Again

High School wasn’t too difficult a transition as Middle School was. Besides the fear  of freshman Friday were nothing happened , it was just a matter of changing schools with the new school having bigger kids.

No big deal.

I was a loner in the 8th grade which made smooth transition to the freshman year of high school by myself in the new school environment made me a target, just like in the 6th grade.

One boy in my PE class took a liking in taunting me. Which was easy for him. Even now I’m not too much good with my words so I normally don’t do too well in debates and arguments so I normally avoid these types of engagements.

Getting Into A Scuffle

Target practice for the boy with his taunts and threats. He never touched me, so I’ll let it be. One day, me and the other boys were horsing around during PE class. One of the kids got locked out of the gym amidst laughter. 
I decided to be the good person and let the kid back in.

The taunting boy went off at me again,

“You open that door and I will kill you!”

I didn’t bat an eye and opened the door.

With my back turned opening the door, I felt a hand on my shoulder.
I spun around immediately and shove that boy back again and again with all my might. We ended up getting in a pushy push scuffle followed by a stare down.

I remember the only words I said to that boy was,

“Don’t touch me.”

One of his friends pulled him away to play basketball and that with that. I had no more problems with him.

Recounting my 14 year old self

Lesson Learned: That’s Just The Way It Is

I recognize that I’m an easy target. And I realize now that sometimes you have to show a bit of an edge when the situation warrants it to let bystanders and others  know you will not so easily allow others  to impose their will on you.

Because humans at their core are ruled by their survival mechanism. If they think there’s a chance they can get hurt and lower their chances of survival most will have second thoughts.

Of course this little trifle was between adolescent boys. Often times it’s not as simple as throwing hands. I wish it were simple in the ways of teen boys sometimes with my years of Kung Fu, Muay Thai and Taekwondo training.

But that’s not just how it works in the adult world.

There are many ways adults can hurt one another beyond fists that right now I am too naive to understand. Adults have political, economic and social power that teenage boys don’t.

I’ll learn though as I plan on being alone for most the rest of my twenties. I will inevitably be made a target by some individuals as I will look different, dress different and speak different in all the cultures I will insert myself in. Plus I will be a fresh face all by myself. Just like in middle and high school, but more intricate.

Gotta push back.

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15 thoughts on ““Show Them Your Claws”(Kingston’s Short Story #6 [Age 14])

  1. Very entertaining anecdote and wise message. Girls don’t usually fight that way, although I did get into a fistfight with a much larger girl in 6th grade. I was so happy when a teacher broke it up! Girls usually form cliques and ostracize those who don’t “belong.” It is painful not belonging to the “in-group.”

    Good luck as you continue making friends around the world. It looks like you are physically and mentally equipped to handle the bullies, whatever their tactics!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Learning from your past is great, learning from the mistakes of others is even better. There’s an old saying that goes,

      “A smart man learns from his mistakes, but a wise man learns from the mistakes of others.”

      I want readers to learn from my screw ups


  2. Such an amazing write up. Looking forward to more of such stories of your past. Yes you are write that sometimes we need to answer back and show our teeth because otherwise we also get frustrated. Also adults can hurt, but there will always be good people in the world to nullify their existence in the world.

    Liked by 1 person

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