“The World Needs Stupid People” On Pride, Principles & Pioneering: Kingston’s Journal #46

So I told my mom I was going to be leaving on the 22nd, even as I reconsidered, I felt bound to my word as a matter of principle. As in when I say something to someone, it means something. The problem is, in this day and age where it’s all too common for people to not keep there word, is it a matter of principle or moral superiority? Because that’s pride. And closely related to that pride is arrogance.

Admittedly, I am arrogant by nature, I always felt there is something different about me that would lead to notable achievements. I just don’t know what it is yet. Learning new things where I’ve gotten put in my place as if subliminally told, “no you ain’t no hotshot.” Like getting thrown to the canvas 100 times in Muay Thai training has humbled me.

That feeling of superiority can sometimes lead to a delusional sense of invincibility. A sense of invincibility that sometimes leads to doing stupid things. If no one ever did anything stupid though, would Columbus have discovered the Americas? Would the Wright brothers have ever invented the first plane? Or would Neil Armstrong have ever landed on the moon?

We think things are stupid based on the presently available information, not necessarily what is true. That is why we need stupid people willing to take risks to push the envelope and advance human civilization.

I’m not saying I’m on that caliber, the point is, is this arrogant sense of invincibility pride or pioneering?

Kingston S. Lim

April 24, 2020

Guadalajara, Mexico

4 thoughts on ““The World Needs Stupid People” On Pride, Principles & Pioneering: Kingston’s Journal #46

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