“Crippled by ‘What If’s'” Thoughts on Regret: Kingston’s Journal #44

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Most people are socialized in a similar way of go to school, get good grades & get a job. That was the path laid down for us as the foundational path preset for the masses.

It’s a extension of the “stand up, sit down” instructions & the “may I use the restroom” requests from school. I feel too many people are too afraid to try something else. When I talked to people & said “I’m going to Thailand & I’m going to see what happens” or “I’m going to South America to be a farmer” they look and speak to me as though its an exotic venture in which they could never partake in.

When in reality, its all up in your head. For me, one of the mental limits was seeing myself on camera, that’s something I overcame last year. It’s comfortable to sit around doing the same routine day in & day out, because it’s safe & riskless. What purpose does staying in your own lane serve though?

I’ll tell you what i think, staying in your own lane is equivalent to building your own prison (or digging your own grave i you want to be cynical). The reason being that this lack of self awareness to being critically analyzing your decisions leads to you being crippled by regrets, being crippled by what if’s. When you’re too old to do anything about it.

  • What if I went to the Dominican Republic to learn bachata
  • What if I went to Africa to start a university
  • What if I started that rock band me & my friends always talked about

If you are a person of relative youth reading this, do you want to have these “what ifs” knawing at you at an age when you can’t do a damn thing about it?

Kingston S. Lim

April 17, 2020

San Francisco, CA

2 thoughts on ““Crippled by ‘What If’s'” Thoughts on Regret: Kingston’s Journal #44

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