“Be Frugal and Generous” Kingston’s Journal #38

With the global pandemic caused by the coronavirus, I’m visiting my hometown for a longer period of time then expected. I’m not so arrogant as to not heed the advice of others so I sent emails to my mentors, basically I talked about the economic implications of the crisis and how, “for every crisis there is an opportunity.”

Besides the economic, business and health advice that was given, one of them mentioned to be frugal and generous. I wanted to dive deeper into this. During hard economic times, its wise to cut out the inessentials. The old Great Depression saying went:

Use it up, wear it out, make due, or do without.

So it makes sense to conserve resources when meeting your own needs.

Human society on the other hand, is built on giving. Gift giving during Christmas and the exchange of lucky money between families during the Lunar New Year are two examples. One from western society and one from an eastern society. Put another way, the gift giving is symbolic, it shows to others that your generosity, whether through the giving of time or resources, means you are willing to cooperate and work with other. People respond and reciprocate to those that give as it signals that they are a value add to the community. Such individuals are wanted to be kept around and as a result, receive in turn.

Ultimately because no man is an island and generosity is the antidote for hard, lonely times.

Kingston S. Lim

March 27, 2020

San Francisco, CA

3 thoughts on ““Be Frugal and Generous” Kingston’s Journal #38

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