Slipstream Time Hacking: Ultra Condensed Cliffnotes #7

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Below are my personal notes of Slip Stream Time Hacking. These highlights were what I used to write my personal development book, Wiser Next Week, a condensation of many different self improvement books

The faster someone moves towards a desired destination, the slower time moves, to do this means to compress high quality and meaning into life
Focus on achievement, not time spent
Speed is relative to each person
Compression of time is the compounding of meaning

What you focus on expands

Parkinson’s First Law: work enlarges or shrinks to adjust to the available time
Tasks perceived as complex take longer, breaking them into smaller chunks simplifies it, slows time and leads to more achievement
If we know what we want and align our lives to what matters most, time slows
Pursue your wants, not the wants of others
When life becomes the goal of “getting through the day”, life will be filled with regrets
Compacting the largest amount of life into the briefest amount of time is how moments are remembered and time dilated
Realize that you can live more life in one concrete day then most people get in a lifetime
There are opportunity costs to whatever you focus on, if one stops working, try another

If we acquire useful information about our 80 year old selves (Habit 2) and accomplish it by 30, we would have 50 years of extra life. Our future 80 year old self would change and our new future goes beyond the old 80 so we can live decades beyond our time
We can do this again and again to loop time and rewrite the future

More novel experiences lead to slower perceived time
The purpose of change is to move us to a desired direction
New time hacking opportunities may require you to change, be big enough and wise enough to be willing to become who you need to become

Anything is possible, but not everything
True commitment can only occur when retreat is not an option

Rule of thumb: never take advice from someone who you wouldn’t trade places with

Be present in the moment while at the same time move towards a desired direction

If these brief notes, peaked your interest in Slipstream Time Hacking , you can check it out on Amazon here.

And be sure to check out my book, Wiser Next Week.

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