Always Engage on Your Terms: Kingston’s Journal #20

In any conflict, you want the odds to be on your side.

I got some interesting comments from one of the students at my school on my YouTube Channel. The details of it are irrelevant for the topic of this post, the point is, I’ve discovered I’m not fully mature yet.

I was going to do something more impulsive, even when I had the entire weekend to think it through. Luckily I have an online mentor of sorts that talked some reason into me. To get embroiled in the situation had no upside for me and potentially downside. I look back in hindsight now and if I had gone it alone without guidance, I likely would have done something I’d regret.

This experience has taught me that my frontal lobe probably isn’t fully developed yet and that I need the guidance of man older guy to help me see reason during times when I’m blinded by emotions. Part of growing up is realizing you don’t know everything and to do things that put odds in your favor. You want to be angling for a position that favors you. Having a mentor to guide you through the techniques is key. They help when making major decisions, assist you in seeing what you can’t and give you the best possible odds of engaging on your terms.

Kingston S. Lim

January 15, 2020

Bangkok, Thailand

2 thoughts on “Always Engage on Your Terms: Kingston’s Journal #20

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