Africa, The New American West: Kingston’s Journal #17

Every generation has a land with greater opportunity, is Africa it?

About three weeks back I talked about how I felt stonewalled. I didn’t know what to do next after finishing my year teaching in Thailand. I knew I wanted to spend a few months learning how to farm in Latin America, but I wasn’t sure what comes next, and that problem befuddled me.

After much thought, I think I’ve found the solution, go to Africa. When you think of Africa, it is the least developed continent with the worlds fastest growing population. Additionally, this is a part of the world that is relatively off the radar for most westerners and the Chinese are moving in in a big way. Being Chinese American, I may be able to find an angle and bridge a gap between some of these deals.

Primarily though, I was looking to start a branch university of an American college. Me being a school teacher right now, having some lectures recorded and having graduated from an American university lends me credibility.

I see this as the new American West, during the 19th century, why did so many people move to California? For gold. Many of these prospectors ended up penniless or died, but who got rich? Those selling the tools of the trade, (pickets, clothes, etc) Think Levis. Education is always in demand, especially for underdeveloped countries, and I could be the provider.

Kingston S. Lim

January 5, 2020

Bangkok, Thailand

2 thoughts on “Africa, The New American West: Kingston’s Journal #17

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