All Roads Lead to Rome: Kingston’s Journal #16

Once you have your goal in mind, the answers of how to get their will come.

With all the different career paths I’ve been moving around in for the past year, it gets easy to forget my purpose with all these changes. As such I think its important to define what I want out of life. It may seem that bouncing from author to accountant to school teacher and then farmer next seems unfocused, my rationale is I’m cultivating the capital that is needed to build the type of life I want.

Very briefly:

  • Being a published author gives my brand more credibility
  • Being an accountant taught me the ins and outs of running the backend of a business
  • Teaching in a classroom pressed me into a leadership role I rather not have had. It increased my competence in public speaking and other manners of human interaction.
  • Being a farmer, what I learn there remains to be seen.

I see these as all pieces of a puzzle that must be solved to reach my objectives, now what are these objectives. Now what are those objectives? Well I want to take what I learn during this odyssey and pass it on to the next generation. The plan right now is to have ten children. The more offspring means the more my legacy spreads. I also want a good wife and good mother to take care of them. Being intellectually stimulating is secondary. And I want land, lots of it, woodlands, farmland you name it. A place where if all else goes wrong, members of the Lim Clan can fall back on and self sustain.

Now its easy for me to sit here and talk about these goals in broad strokes. Achieving it is a different matter, the financial burden of supporting these objectives falls on my lap. And I still remember the 10 million dollar check I wrote to myself on March 6, 2019 with my late father looking on.

My opinion is that nothing ever really became of my family in terms of my recent forefather’s achievements in the past few generations. And I remember a few years back my father showed me a family tree that stretches back to the Song Dynasty in China. Maybe a thousand years ago, and I am the 19th generation. It reminds me its more than just me I’m fighting for, its the family legacy.

And right now, I want to be gen zero, the starting point where greatness is projected into hundreds, even a thousand years to come.

Kingston S. Lim

January 2, 2020

Bangkok, Thailand

2 thoughts on “All Roads Lead to Rome: Kingston’s Journal #16

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