Why YouTube?

Want a better you? Study yourself.

I have a sizable chunk of subscribers on my YouTube channel given its been just a little bit over a month. Many of these followers are there because I asked random strangers to subscribe after completing my survey. Given that most of them are This that don’t have the best grasp of English, most of them won’t be engaged so they’re there more for “stat padding” and social proof.

Asking people to subscribe is fun and all, but I won’t lose sight of why this channel was started in the first place. Its to document my life as a point of reference for later years, additionally, putting problems into physical form (I feel) makes them easier to solve. Besides the journal, showcasing the things I do also gives the brand I’m building more credibility. Videos include Muay Thai, class lectures and kung fu (more to come)

Like I’ve said previously, I’m still “career interning” so in whatever, I do, I feel having a stronger online presence will be helpful no matter the pursuit. As these videos are more for me, they are not going to be the clickbait, instant gratification eye candy videos such as travel eating vlogs. They are also not going to be focused on one subject, which will also hurt viewer ship. This is a fact I’m willing to accept.

As such, I have a long ways to go, but of course, what’s worth having never comes easy.

Kingston S. Lim

December 30, 2019

Singapore, Singapore

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