Kingston’s 2019 Year End Review

One cannot retool and reaim without first taking a look back first.

So much has changed in the past year, more than I would have imagined in the beginning of the year. I started the year as an accountant in Reno, NV, slipping and sliding on the icy winter roads of the Sierra Nevada on my daily 30 minute walk to work. This winter I’m beating the heat in Southeast Asia. I’m no longer an accountant now, I’m an English teacher.

My public speaking ability has improved drastically because of it my self conciousness has decreased materially and my ability to manage people has improved. Alongside what I’m going to coin, “career interning.” I spent much of my free time learning Muay Thai which has dramatically strengthened my body and sharpened my reaction time.

Being an English Teacher and learning Muay Thai was what I set out to do and I’ve learned much and more from taking this leap of faith. But the curious thing about life is that it takes so many dramatic turns and changes. After a brief encounter with Latin Dance the day I arrived in Bangkok in March, I dedicated a sizable portion of my time to learning salsa and bachata. And a lot of free time I had in my first term teaching.

I realize in hindsight now that I had too much free time and didn’t know what to do with it. I guess you can say I felt lost and directionless without realizing it. This transferred into too much time watching meaningless YouTube videos. That’s not to say I’m completely focused now, but I have goals outside of work that help me capitalize on my spare time. These include:

  • Lecturing at universities
  • Learning new skills such as social psychology and what makes a good life through online courses
  • Building my personal brand
  • Rounding out my defects
  • Putting my mind to the question, “what kind of man do I need to become to get what I want out of life?”

Besides writing and publishing my book last year as a means of building a brand, I finally took the advice of a speaker in the 2018 QuickBooks Connect event I took part in last November and started my personal website, its been building momentum the more I’ve worked on it, and this is in addition to the YouTube channel that I started to document my life I’ve been opening up more and more as I’m becoming less concerned about how others percieve me.

The numbing to being judged by others I think is from failures in the classroom, to getting rejected by hundreds of strangers unwilling to take my survey. From these situations I’m used to having all eyes on me. The practice led to me delivering a great speech during my father’s eulogy earlier this year.

From what I knew in January, it would be impossible for me to predict what would have been accomplished by the end of the year. These accomplishments include:

  • I worked up the courage to quit the traditional path and am pursuing the path of life (I think) I want to live.
  • Became proficient in leading and managing a classroom of youth
  • Gained a working proficiency in Muay Thai, Salsa and Bachata
  • Confident in public speaking
  • I now have a basic following in YouTube and my website
  • I’m now much less apprehensive when talking to strangers and sharing what Im good at.
  • Worked up the courage to quite the traditional path and lead the life I want to live
  • Gained a rudimentary knowledge of Thai
  • People are like books, I’ve learned so many details about strangers lives (ie. will this info be useful time will tell)
  • Comfortable studying film of myself and being filmed

Sure I’d like to have accomplished more, my personality is that I’ll never be satisfied, but compared to my 22 year in 2018 (where I feel my only accomplishment was my book), I’ve gotten so much more done. Now that I think about it, I’ve gotten more done this year at age 23 then any other previous year.

And I believe I’m still in the early stages of the growth phrase, things are building momentum and with all the curve balls that happen, it gets me excited about what I’m going to achieve in 2020.

That’s it for me this decade.

Kingston S. Lim

December 29, 2019

Singapore, Singapore