Only the Guilty Fear Judgement: Kingston’s Journal #12

Show the world how great you are.

I’ve noticed a gradual shift in my demeanor as this year has gone by. I started January of this year keeping to myself for the most part working on my second book which I have since shelved when when I have a draft. Besides sharing my book with my immediate family, no one knew what I was doing. Not that many people cared anyway as young men are the most disposable member of society, but I digress.

Moving onto March I moved out starting my own website when I didn’t tell anyone about. Fast forward to July I became consistent with it. And by November I was posting my content on social media and sharing it with strangers I met. Not only that, I started a YouTube Channel. Kingston the accountant in January feels like a lifetime ago.

Our actions are an outward expression of who we are within. And my steady willingness to share more and more about me to the world shows that. I’ve become so much less self conscious (still a long way to go). And why should I be insecure, I have nothing to hide from the world.

Only the guilty fear judgement.

Kingston S. Lim

Bangkok, Thailand,

December 20, 2019

4 thoughts on “Only the Guilty Fear Judgement: Kingston’s Journal #12

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