How to Be the Best: Kingston’s Journal #11

The best have patience and endurance in what they do, something that I sorely lack.

I’ve come to realize now that I’ve been an accountant, author, English teacher and a field surveyor. All of these professions started out new and intriguing. Especially towards the beginning of the experiences everything seemed so fresh and that peaked my curiosity.

One by one though, I began to lose my curiosity for all of these positions. I’ve just noticed that this has become a reoccurring pattern. I try something new, I’m initially fascinated by it, and then gradually my eyes start to wander and think about doing something else.

Its true that I learn a heck of a lot from each of these endeavors, and my relative youth is at least partially attributed to my restlessness in wanting to try new things, but still. My inability to want to stay in one field for an extended period scares me. As only years of practice can lead to you being truly the best at something.

Kingston S. Lim

December 16, 2019

Bangkok, Thailand

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