Always Know When to Pivot: Kingston’s Journal #9

Have a plan, with a buffer for adjustments.

Planning out all aspects of your life just doesn’t work out when there are so many external factors that are beyond your control: Things that can change in forces of mother nature to man made disasters, the possibilities of things getting in our way is endless.

Internal factors also play an important role though. New experiences and constant dwelling on problems lead to different perspectives of how we see life. For instance, just a couple of years ago when I was an intern in Upstate New York, I was dead set on working as an accountant through my 20’s so that I could retire early. I was going to save every penny I could. My experience in a cube led me to conclude that this equated to throwing away time for money. And that I would be sacrificing some of the most unattached years of my life.

Now I’m here in Thailand, and as things around me change as well as the maturity that comes from the things that happen, I think its important to have a plan, but leave room for adjustment.

Kingston S. Lim

December 11, 2019

Bangkok, Thailand

2 thoughts on “Always Know When to Pivot: Kingston’s Journal #9

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