Kingston’s Journal: How to Develop Sales Skills

When goals need to be met in less than ideal situations, use whatevers handy.

Going up and down universities surveying students has been an interesting experience. A few weeks ago, I was reflecting on the past two years of my life and whether it was wise for me to work as an accountant when it was well within my comfort zone. Being a door to door salesman would have been a better opportunity to push my mental limits.

I had that shot but didn’t take it when I was pursuing a position with Edward Jones, a financial advisory firm. No point working myself over hindsight though, going around asking people for 5 minutes of their time has taken a lot of sting out of rejection.

And I think I’ve gotten better at getting people to do what I want (ie. taking a survey) simply by asking “why” if they said “no.” I think this is a useful lesson that can be applied beyond surveying strangers.

Kingston S. Lim

December 4, 2019

Bangkok, Thailand

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