Kingston’s Journal: The Final Project

Life is purposeless in the absence of an end goal.

Unless I find a way to open up another angle in my stay here in Bangkok, there is not much more to be gained.

What I’m looking to do though is lecture once in a University here in Thailand for the experience, bragging rights, and as another accolade on my personal portfolio. My plan is to just go around universities asking professors if I could teach one of their classes.

I have most of my survey studies (which I’ll talk about in a later post) ready. What needs to be done afterwards is processing, analyzing and compiling the research in an easily digestible format. I see it as another step up in the discomfort ladder. From teaching 15 people at a time to hundreds.

Who knows how far I’ll get if I keep at it.

Kingston S. Lim

December 2, 2019

Bangkok, Thailand

4 thoughts on “Kingston’s Journal: The Final Project

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