Kingston’s Journal: Down on One Knee

An eight count ain’t a knockout.

Quite honestly, I’m feeling burnt out from teaching these kids in Thailand. Not only are lessons feeling monotonous, but managing tweens has been giving me a real headache. I’ve been feeling a light headedness during afternoon classes like I’m about to pass out.

Part of it I think is because I never really had the personality for teaching, pretending to be someone I’m not is taking it’s toll. And now that I’m a number of months into teaching, I can see why many teachers teach their classes sitting down. The years take their toll. I cannot see myself being energetic and engaging year in and year out. Hell, I may even lose the rubber in my step by the second year. Even now, I have to grit my teeth and try to be fun. Whether the lessons are fun or not can be judged by watching the lectures I’ve uploaded to YouTube.

And I think another part of the reason I feel fatigued is because it seems many of the students don’t want to learn, and I feel like the effort I put in is often wasted.

Kingston S. Lim

November 27, 2019

Bangkok, Thailand

6 thoughts on “Kingston’s Journal: Down on One Knee

  1. Anonymous

    I agree. It is tiring. It is one heck of an experience, but it most certainly is not for everyone. I applaud you for sticking with it thus far. Consider it a marathon more than a sprint, and the finishing line is not so far away. Chin up.


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