Kingston’s Journal: Another Fear Bites the Dust

Every fear conquered leads to a fuller life.

I have been watching and filming some of my lectures for the past week. There were a good handful that I thought were great classes that I recorded and watched. Honestly from watching myself, I didn’t see a whole lot I could improve on.

What I did learn about were some of the classroom shenanigans that go on when I had my back turned. I would either address the student directly afterward or put the overly energetic student in a corner seat where its not so easy to get up.

I do feel a bit more nervous and a feeling that there is more pressure for me to perform when I’m recording. This feeling I think will subside. What I have come to notice is I don’t feel the cringe I thought I would from watching and hearing myself on film. Perhaps the fear has all been a facade all these years.

Kingston S. Lim

November 23, 2019

Bangkok, Thailand

3 thoughts on “Kingston’s Journal: Another Fear Bites the Dust

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