Kingston’s Journal: Remembering High School

To effectively communicate a message to someone,.you must first understand where their coming from.

I just watched a Key and Peele episode today about a parody of teachers. The section that really stood out to me was the part where a class was portrayed. The teacher asks a question and a bunch of students raise their hands. The introverted student was too shy to raise his hand, but the teacher saw the student was making strong eye contact so the introvert was picked to answer.

This is something I need to implement in my own classes because frankly, not only do I have students like that, I used to be one of those students. I used to be the student in high school that was too shy to raise his hand and I would use my eyes to practically beg the teacher to call me.

I was told I needed to “come out of my shell”, right now I see it as needing to put the best version of me to fit the right situation. Whether it be:

  • Acting like an @sshole to get students to behave
  • Being friendly and outgoing to get students engaged
  • Or pretending to be a smooth talker to get a girl interested

I’ve realized now that being the wallflower I was in high school and college ain’t gonna cut it.

Kingston S. Lim

November 23, 2019

Bangkok, Thailand

2 thoughts on “Kingston’s Journal: Remembering High School

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