Kingston’s Journal: MC Kingston

Lacking in ability means a skill that needs to be aquired.

So in my school there was a singing competition for my students. I was the MC, the first time I was the MC of anything. of course I was nervous before it began, but I was a man with a plan. I put on a facade of being a very outgoing, energetic and loud person for 45 minutes when in actuality I’m the exact opposite. Once I got the ball rolling, labeling myself as the “hype man,” all the nervousness disappeared.

I’m mixed up bits and pieces of personalities on YouTube such as Key & Peele and Yusha Thomas. I don’t think anyone was expecting it, that’s why I think I was praised for doing a great job. In a nutshell, I just took how I act when teaching and put it on steroids.

I feel my leadership potential developing as I learn how to turn on the extrovert in short, controlled bursts. This is a major reason why I left the States, she’ll become a better me. and I wholeheartedly think I am progressing towards that. I’ve never been a natural born leader, but what I’ve come to believe now is when I need to show the qualities of a good leader, I’m not changing my personality, I’m just acting to achieve my objective.

In terms of Latin dance, it’s been a full four months since I first began to seriously learn it and I think I’ve made reasonable progress. For instance in a dance social, it is customary for a man to ask a woman to dance. This is the case for me, but I also have a number of women asked me to dance, so I can’t be terrible.

On another note, I think bossing around M3 and trying to whip them into shape so that they somewhat look like students has been holding my confidence and command potential. I talked to their computer teacher a little while ago and he said they’re better this year than they were last year. I’d like to think I had something to do with it.

Right now I still believe that the most progress is made in the initial stages of learning a new skill. Having said that, I believe I’ll learn the most in the first year of teaching then if I stayed for a second. Therefore I still don’t plan on being in the school for a second year. If time were unlimited, I’d be happy to continue developing my students. But it isn’t, so I must take into consideration my finite time. The last year of my early twenties is next year, so I feel my years of being young and unattached going by therefore I must use this time wisely.

Lastly, my father’s funeral is next Saturday. it’s still quite a bit to process so I’ve just been trying to keep myself busy. And I just realized, I’ll soon be wearing a tie for his funeral service. I never would have guessed that when I graduated college the next time I would be wearing a tie would be at my father’s funeral. Sometimes in life, the unexpected happens.

Kingston S Lim

September 1, 2019

Bangkok, Thailand

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