Kingston’s Journal: Progress

Progress is a process.

July 7, 2019

The good news is I can clinch again. After that infected wound put me out of commission for about 2 weeks, I’m finally back at it. My neck was a bit sore to start with given that I haven’t done this in a while, but not nearly as badly as when I first started. Lesson learned about taking care of small issues before they become big one. On another note my weight is fluctuating, between 118-120 lb, of course th is post workout when I’m lightest. This stat will be closely monitored.

As for teaching, I pulled out a new tactic I’ve come taking the items of students in my M3B class and having them pick it up at The English department. How effective this is long-term remains to be seen but I have to do something. I also completed updating and americanizing the exams for my classes. For my M3 class in particular, I made it a point to make the exam extra difficult. In addition to the standard exam, I created 30 short answer questions for them to complete pertaining to the topics I went over about the Cold War. All of this in the time window of an hour. As a secondary note, the head of the secondary school things that I am doing a good job at teaching.

In terms of dancing I think I’ve improved, my instructor used me as her partner in the explanation today. When I first started learning from her, she said that my lead was not clear, now she’s saying that my lead is okay and some of the other ladies I asked for feedback from said they thought my lead is clear. It’s progress, which is what I’m asking for.

Kingston S. Lim

July 7, 2019

Bangkok, Thailand

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