Kingston’s Journal: The First of Many Firsts

New experiences offer no guarantees of finding something better, but if you don’t try you don’t know.

May 17, 2019

I’ve spent 2 days teaching so far. Definitely different from accounting and so far more rewarding. I was nervous yesterday when J first started. Luckily I had a more experienced Teacher with me to carry the day. Today by contrast I felt much more confident. I was walking up and down the classroom engaging with students.

One problem I did have was keeping the class quiet when I was working with an individual student. The kids seemed nice for the most part, but keeping them still was a challenge, especially for those not skilled in English. On a brighter note, the kids seemed to like me, they would wave to me before class. 

Long story short, I’ve got a lot to learn.

Kingston S. Lim

May 17, 2019

Bangkok, Thailand

One thought on “Kingston’s Journal: The First of Many Firsts

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