Kingston’s Journal: Insanity is Doing the Same Thing Over Again…

The only way to know what’s out there is finding out for yourself.

May 9, 2019

So I’ve started my teaching position in Attamit School in Bangkok about a week ago. So far things have been doing pretty decent, classes don’t start until the 16th so no direct teaching experience yet. At this point in my travels I’m quite certain I made the right choice in quitting my position with the CFO Group as I know this year will play out exactly the same as the last if I had stayed.

Beyond that I found a gym thats pretty decent for Muay Thai training, I’ve taken 5 classes there so far and things are starting to get physical. I’ve clinched few times and by the way I’ve been getting kneed in h brigs and thrown to the canvas. I’ve got a long way to go. I’m bruised up along the shins as well, frustrating yes, but that’s only going to get better.

If I was out of my element in Muay Thai, I’m definitely out of my element when dancing. I’ve found a solid instructor in both Bachata and Salsa On 1, the two dances I plan to focus on initially. My steps are too wide, reminiscent of my kung full background and my movements “robotic”, akin to my uptight nature. I am nervous about being in such a close proximity with women also, but my basic footwork is coming together and I’m moving beyond my comfort zone.

Kingston S. Lim

May 9, 2019

Bangkok, Thailand

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