Kingston’s Journal: Let it Go

April 7, 2019

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

I woke up today to some French kids making a whole lot of noise before leaving the hostel. Turns out one of them stole my towel. That’s why I keep (most) of my stuff locked up. I was mad initially, but there is nothing I can do to get the towel back, so no point in getting upset. I’ll buy a new one and take it as a lesson learned. These are broke teens to twenty somethings that I don’t know and quite often don’t share the same native tongue/culture with. I dangled the $10 microfiber towel right in front of their face, and I guess it was too tempting.

I don’t plan on locking up my clothes that are hanging to dry, but perhaps now I’ll put it in a place that’s more difficult to reach.

On a higher note, while I was working on my book today sitting on the floor, a lady that owns a coffee shop offered to let me sit in her store. At first I didn’t understand her as we spoke different languages, but someone translated and we were able to understand each other.

        Kingston S. Lim

        April 7, 2019

        Phnom Penh, Cambodia

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