Kingston’s Journal: Leave it Behind

March 27, 2019

Mae Sai, Thailand

I took a bus up north to Mai Sai, Thailand today from Chiang Mai, Thailand. No one spoke much English, so my trusty intuition carried the day. I’m right at the border with Myanmar (Burma) right now, plan to jump on over tomorrow. I noticed in my time here in Thailand that I’ve brought the least amount of “stuff” compared to other travellers. I took a 26L backpack. Everyone else i see has taken three times that. Here’s the list of stuff I brought in no particular order:

Cotopaxi Inca 26L                     $70

3 Old Navy Polos                      $40

1 Walmart Henley                     $10

1 Merino Wool Thermal Set      $80

2 Uniqlo Easy Shorts                $15

1 American Eagle Jeans          $45

5 Darn Tough Socks                 $75

2 Icebreaker T-Shirts              $90

3 Uniqlo Airism Boxers           $20

1 Merino Wool Buff                 $25

1 Casio Edifice Watch             $30

1 Walmart Belt $10

1 Lenovo Laptop $190

1 Amazon Kindle $70

1 Moto E4 $40

1 Moto E2 $100

1 Olight Flashlight w/ charger $50

1 Travel Adapter w/ cords $15

3 Moto E4 Batteries $20

Vaseline/med pills $15

Headphones $15

Microfiber Towel $5

Duct Tape $5

Bar of Soap



Lavender oil/tiger balm $10

Ear plugs



Passport Photos $10

Clarks Desert Boots $100

Kung Fu Shoes $10

Flip Flops

V-neck Sweater $20

Wahl Electric Shaver $10

Glasses (+spare) $80

Baurdi Wallet (Pilot) $45

Overall I don’t feel like I’m missing much, sure laying down my stuff would be nice, but that is the sacrifice of travel.

Kingston S. Lim

March 27, 2019

Mae Sai, Thailand

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